Media Buyers: Want to Know Avg CPM Bid and Win Prices?

Veronika Bukhman
Director of Customer Success
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When beginning to use a new DSP, besides getting to know the UI or starting your first campaign, a media buyer is at a crossroads, wondering “How much should I bid?” or “What’s the competitive bid on that platform?” Based on previous experience, you might be able to sense how much to spend, but even so, each platform can have a different range of bids. So in the end, you’re typically left in the dark, bidding blind – that is, until now.

Real inventory insights for media buyers

myDSP recently updated its reports to include average CPM bid and average win prices (the second highest bid on that placement) letting media buyers on the platform actually see average bids on a specific app/site as well as the average of all winning bids after the second bid auction. What does this mean for media buyers? It means that finally you can know what to bid and how much you’ll actually pay. In other words, you are no longer blind bidding, and you can make much better use of your ad budget. Here’s what it looks like in our system:

How to see the latest bid & win prices on myDSP

  1. Log in to your myDSP account and go to Inventory Report (under Reports).
  2. Choose filters according to your campaign settings, e.g. US campaign, T-Mobile carrier…
  3. Select groups, such as Site/App and Publisher, and run the report!

If you don’t have a myDSP account already, you can sign up here.

Why is this feature so important?

Most DSPs state app/site floor rates, and while its informative to know the base rate the publisher sets, it’s pretty irrelevant when it comes to bid estimates. Some DSPs have gone a step further, stating their average bid, however it’s not clear if what they report is actually the winning bid, so while interesting, it still misses the mark for advertisers. By knowing average bid and win prices, you can know whether your bid is competitive in relation to your targets, and your DSP doesn’t just serve as a mediator between you and publishers, it helps you save time and make smart business decisions.

If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to contact myDSP support at

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