Target the Users You Want with myDSP’s New Audience Targeting

Veronika Bukhman
Director of Customer Success
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We’re thrilled to announce that myDSP now offers advanced audience targeting directly through our platform! myDSP’s new audience targeting feature is the second in a series of custom targeting services we’ve rolled out this year, coming after the recent announcement of our large-scale gender targeting for over 1.1 billion anonymized users in 52 countries.

This feature is available for all myDSP users and enables you to target hundreds of audience segments, including travel, commerce, restaurants, behavioral, interests, education, and more – at no extra cost. Our audiences are designed to help you achieve greater performance and worldwide reach, and are open across all exchanges on the myDSP platform. To see exactly which audiences are available, take a look at our Audience catalog.

How does it work?

Watch our video tutorial to see exactly how to start targeting audiences directly through the myDSP platform, or check out the full instructions below.


To access this new feature, log in to your myDSP account and open a new campaign. Once you reach the targeting section of your campaign, choose the countries, cities and states that you’d like to target as usual. Then, click on the icon next to the Audience Targeting feature to select your audiences.

Select the audience(s) you’d like to target or search for your desired audience(s) in the search for segments field. Once you’ve selected an audience, drag it to the Empty Group field.

You can target multiple audiences for each campaign. If you’d like to target more than one audience, you can target multiple audience segments together or separately. For example, if you choose to target Sport Betting AND Sport News, you are targeting users that belong to both of those audiences. However if you target Sport Betting OR Sports News, you are expanding your campaign’s reach to target users that belong to either audience.

To target Sport Betting OR Sport News, simply add the 2nd audience in the same field as the other audience.

To target Sport Betting AND Sport News, add the 2nd audience to a new Empty Group.

Once you’re finished adding audiences, click SAVE. See that your audiences were added correctly inside the Audience Targeting box and continue creating your campaign.

Ready to try it on your next campaign? Log in to your account and start targeting audiences!

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